Website Upgrades

Does your website need a makeover?? Or just some minor plastic surgery? Without having to do a complete bottom-up rebuild, I can overhaul its "look" or functionality.

Website upgrade work would normally involve an initial assessment of the site, a meeting (or long-distance dialogue) of what you feel should be improved and what you would like to see, followed by a preliminary proposal of what work is involved. Then I would rework the pages and allow you to preview them and approve them before they are posted "live" and replace the existing pages of your site. Once everything is finalized, I would upload the new and improved pages and ensure everything meshes and functions properly.

Website upgrade work is quoted on an hourly basis, as it is very hard to predict how long it will take. You may love the first simple preview and say to go ahead, or you may feel that other areas of the site will then need to be changed to align with the pages or section which was originally scheduled for upgrading and thus make the whole site more appealing, thus resulting in the job being a bit longer.

My hourly rate is $45/hr (1/2 hr min.) . I DO work very fast, and have the technical skill to do any new graphics or graphics fix-ups as I go along as part of it, as well as the creativeness to give it a fresh new look. I bill strictly for work done, if I have to spend time figuring out how to do something which I will need to know anyways for other jobs, I count that as my own learning time, not your billed hours.

Many other features are available on your website, such as:

  • E-Commerce and shopping cart functionality
  • credit card processing through Paypal or another payment processing services
  • user forums
  • animated graphics and presentations
  • streaming music or video
  • interactive admin panel so that users can update the site themselves
  • signup or other information collection via databases
  • and so on.

These are not included in my basic package rates, but items can be quoted individually on request.

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