Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is the posting of new content on an existing website. If you have a sale, an event, a news announcement, etc. that needs to be included, it doesn't take that long to add. Preferably you would be sending me an emailed text file or digital pictures. For that reason, I quote Website Maintenance in time blocks, and count time spent on it in 15-minute increments.

As an example you could get a 3-hour block of website maintenance and it would last you for 9 months, used up in several instances of 15-30 minutes at a times. A monthly invoice will be sent out showing your account status if there have been any time amounts used in that month. Once your time block is used up, I would notify you that it is time to get another block.

These are my lowest per hour rates ($30/hr) as this is fairly simple work, but it is smaller bit and piece work that has to be scheduled around other larger jobs. I am prompt and will generally get your updates up within 2 business days after receipt by email.


3 Hour block $85   ($5 off)

5 hour block $140 ($10 off)

10 hour block $275    ($25 off)

15 hour block $410    ($40 off)

20 hour block $550    ($50 off)

(All prices subject to 5% GST for Canadian clients)

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