Larger Businesses

In this "Age of the Internet", it almost seems like you are "nobody" if your business can't be found by an Internet search! In the past, people used the Yellow Pages to locate local businesses, but they now use the World Wide Web just as much as the telephone book.

As a larger business, you will want a full overview of your business available for your customers or other corporate entities to be able to see online. What lines of business you offer, what level of technical competence and service you are capable of delivering, what size of project you are able to handle and what products you offer are all items of interest to other companies wishing to do business with you. Often larger companies will originate communication to you only after looking over your website. Thus you need the "complete package" available online to maximize your chances of getting more business.

You still need the same basic information as a smaller business; such as an attractive home page, which gives enough information about your business so as to encourage people to pick up the phone and contact you. Good basic information is; what your business does, what services and products you offer, how long you have been in business and who owns or runs the business. Your address, what geographical areas you service and how to contact you are a must. Evidences of satisfied customers, such as testimonials, encourage others to use your services.

A website must be "user-friendly"... how many times have you gotten "lost" in a website.. and just exited the whole site in frustration?? When I build a site, I ensure that the design theme stays constant throughout the site so that the user is still clearly in YOUR site and hasn't been linked elsewhere out of your site, that it is easily navigable without getting "lost", and that all routing back and forth along the branches is clearly laid and mapped out so that one doesn't go off down one branch and never be able to get back to other branches.

After your site is built and online, the next thing is to make it pop up when someone searches for a product or service or type of company that matches your business. This is the key, otherwise only your existing customers really see your website. Key words must be included in the description and your site itself, and actions must be taken to have it included in the main search engines currently in use.

The "Large" Business Package

(This package is intended for a larger business which wishes to feature multiple product lines or varied services and more information.)

The package consists of

  • Design and creation of up to 25 Web pages*, generally consisting of a Home page, multiple pages about your products/services, an About Us page, a Contact Page and other pages with pictures, testimonials, rates or whatever is most appropriate for your type of business.
  • Assistance with shopping for and setting up with a web host company.
  • Assistance with registering your domain name (if not provided free by the web host company).
  • Uploading and setup of the website on the host server.
  • Ensuring tags and keywords included in the site for search engine placement.
  • Submitting the site for placement with the main search engine listings for Canada/US. If you wish to submit to some of the search engines which have a cost associated with submission, you can pay the cost and I will do the submission. (Note that it may take some time before the search engines locate and list your website, this is a normal part of the process. The more people you encourage to go visit your new website the better your site will rank in the search engine listings.)

* Design and creation of web pages includes: An initial meeting to determine what the pages will consist of and the general look of the site. You provide the text and as much of the graphics as possible (i.e. pictures of products, your business, owners, logo, etc.). Graphics may be provided in hard copy (no extra charge to scan) or in digital format (on disk or emailed). I will then design the site, and consult with the person in charge on any changes you wish to make once you see the result until the site is to your satisfaction. Changes will be made, and the final product posted and activated on the Internet. Then I will send out the requests for the search engine listings.

Overall cost of package; $1299.00 Cdn (plus 5% GST for Canadians)

Note that this is for a "static" site - if you wish a "dynamic" database-driven site with a content management system or an e-commerce shopping card set up in order to maintain the site yourselves after setup, please contact me for a more detailed quote.

(Feel free to compare the value of this package with other companies! Many companies will build the site but not take any actions to list your site on search engines. This is the equivalent to getting a newspaper ad created and then posting it on the wall in your office instead of putting it in the newspaper for people to see! Those who you already deal with will see it... but you won't get new business from it!)

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